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12. August 2019


Benefits of starting your day with lemon water

What is the first thing you drink in the morning? Coffee may be? Or you don’t even have the time to drink anything! Well, it turns out that starting your day with a lemon water has many benefits to your health and overall wellbeing, some of which are:

  • hydrates the body – usually we get dehydrated during the night, so it is important that we drink some lemon water first thing in the morning
  • great immune system booster – lemons are not only high on the antioxidant vitamin C, but they also help maintain a healthy pH levels as it is one of the most alkalizing foods our there (yes, you read it correctly! lemon tastes acid, but once it is inside the body it is actually alkaline)
  • great energy booster – we get dehydrated during the night, and when we are dehydrated we feel tired and low on energy, so hydrating our body first thing in the morning is a great energy booster
  • improve digestion – by drinking lemon water the stomach is stimulated to increase the production of digestive fluids. With improved digestion we experience less bloating, and also the nutrition absorption is better
  • helps detoxify the liver lemons stimulate the production of bile ( ). Also lemons stimulate the liver to release more toxins
  • fight respiratory infections – lemons have anti-inflammatory properties
  • regulate bowl movement naturally
  • reduce anxiety and depression – these too conditions are often linked to having low potassium levels in the blood, and as lemons have high potassium content it can help reduce these conditions
  • regulate blood pressure
  • relive heartburn
  • can help in losing weight – the liver is an organ with a fat-burning function (among others!), and it helps regulate the fat-metabolism, and lemon water on daily basis stimulates fat loss
  • improves the skin – lemons have high content on Vitamin C and are highly detoxifying, which helps to get smoother skin

By listening some of the benefits warm lemon water has, I hope to have inspired you to give it a try……..and if not, then I challenge you to implement this simple trick in your morning routine for two weeks in a row. If you are looking at implementing some warm lemon water in your morning ritual, please make sure you do the following as lemons could damage your teeth enamel over time:

  • use a straw when drinking lemon water
  • ninse your mouth as soon as you are done drinking the lemon water
  • try to wait with brushing your teeth at least for an hour

Stay healthy,


Bio – Anna is a mother of two young kids, certified nutritionist with extended background in marketing and founder of Slowolution. Although her background is in marketing, Anna’s passion has always been healthy lifestyle – and this passion has only grown stronger since becoming a mom over seven years ago! After learning the hard way, Anna has made it her mission to inspire and help moms around the world to make their own health a priority…..because at the end of the day, we can’t pour from an empty glass! Anna helps her clients to create the needed habits for sustainable healthy lifestyle where they feel energized, at peace, focused, fit and keep a positive mindset day in and day out! For more check out The Slowolution Podcast.