Whether you have just been diagnosed with a food intolerance or you are changing your diet, cleaning out your freezer and pantries is a must.


Here are some tips on how to clean out your kitchen and on how to organize it efficiently:

Out with the old: Start by raiding your panrties and your fridge/freezer for expired foods and throw all of it away. Read the labels carefully and check what does or doesn’t contain a certain food you want to exclude and if something doesn’t fit your criteria throw it away. It may be hard to throw everything aways but it sure helped me get over the foods I cannot eat anymore. Be especially careful with condiments since many of them have hidden ingedients; one that surprised me is that soy sauce conatins gluten but there is a gluten free version available on the market. By throwing away a lot of food in the beginning of the process you will naturally have less organizing to do which lessens the psychological burden of the following tasks.

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Replenish healthy Essentials: Instead of having tons of pasta in your pantry, replace it with healthy essentials. What works best for me is always having a stock of rice, qoinoa, lentils, polenta and canned products such as kidney or garbanzo beans.

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Stock Healthy Convenience: You don’t need to cut convenience food out of your diet just replace it with healthier versions – for example instead of sugar-laden cereals like ciniminis just eat whole-grain cereal to which you can add cinamon and natural sweeteners to taste. Some healthy salty snacks are for example nuts, seeds, seaweed snacks, dried edamame or air popped popcorn. Another option is to just slice some fresh vegetables like cucumber or carrots and dip them into some hummus or other dipping sauce you like. If you are doing this because of a food intolerance you can also opt for gluten free snacks such as hummus chips; I like the ones with chili and lemon which I get from Mr. and Mrs. Glutenfree near Kreuzplatz. Another staple in my kitchen are rice crackers which can be used for salty and sweet snacks.
To cut out on sweet snacks, nutrition experts recomend to keep a bowl of fruit withing view. If you are not doing this to lose weight I personally recomend snacking on sesame honey crackers, date or nut snacks, having some fruit with peanut butter and trying out the new snacks karma has just launched; just check the ingredients first. You can also find some great options at the „Reformhäuser“ where they have lactose free chocolate and gluten free baked goods, just keep in mind they are not healthy just because they are gluten free but its a good option for when you have certain intolerances and are craving something sweet.

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Organize it: Categorize your pantry so it is easier for you to know what you have and you’ll be less likely to forget what is missing. You can either organize it by cuisine such as italian,indian,grilling etc. or by product type such as grains, canned food etc.- which works better for me.

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Contain and label it: Transfer your dried foods to glass containers to prevent them from spilling everywhere and makes it easier to know how much you have left of everything.

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Give it order: Organize your fridge and freezer; find out how to here.

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Fill your freezer: This helps you always having a good, healthy meal option. If you store pre-cooked meals in your freezer, label them by date so you dont lose track of the expiry date.

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Set up for sucess: Keep a sharpie closeby so you can always label your jars when you open them. Also set a date in your phone calendar on which you plan to go trough your fridge and freezer to throw out old products and keep everything clean.

Inspired by: www.livestrong.com

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