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Throughout our whole lives we have always differentiated fruits and vegetables with impicitness. But this matter appears to be harder than most of us expect. Here are some vegetables that are actually a fruit:

Pea Pods

All podded beans – from string beans to snap peas – are botanically considered as fruits because they all grow from a flower based plant.


Cucumbers are the product of a mature flower ovary. With their many seeds they are actually a fruit.


The avocado is also a fruit. Specifically it is classified as a single-seeded berry because they are produced by a single ovary and have a very soft flesh.


This fruit also classifies itself because of its fleshy texture and numerous seeds.


Also the tomato fits the criteria of being a fruit since it has tons of seeds and a fleshy inside. So again this « vegetable » is botanically speaking a fruit.


As you probably could have guessed, this food is also classified as a fruit – thanks to its soft inside and many seeds.


Tough peppers lack a fleshy inside, their core is full of seeds. This fact make them a definite member of the fruit class.


Olives grow from a flowery plant and are considered a single-seeded fruit ; like the peach is.

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